Why little insecurity is good


Men or women, even people who can talk so confidently in the public have some form of insecurities. People often think that insecurity is a negative thing, and that we should never feel insecure. The thing is we ARE actually dealing with insecurities in our everyday lives.

Like now, I am thinking this: Who am I to tell you on what to do with your life?

Maybe you had a very bad experience and that experience planted a seed of insecurity in your mind. But you shouldn’t let that bad experience defines you. Instead, use the insecurity to your advantage. To inspire yourself.

If you feel insecure about your capability to do something, then work towards it. Don’t be afraid to fail. If your grades aren’t good enough, then study harder. Simple. More hard work, less thinking. Because insecurity indeed kills a person. So don’t let your insecurity kills you, instead let the voice in your head inspires you to do even better for yourself.

Stop judging yourself so badly. Stop hiding and stop sinking. Listen to the voice and use it to be a better person.

Even though I may look fat in the dress, I don’t care. I dressed up for myself and not to impress you. I am cool eh? HAHA.

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