It is about educating.

“Why didn’t you scold the students who failed in their exams?”

“Why didn’t you lock late students out of lecture rooms?”

“You have to be more strict.”

Few people asked and said this me recently. Honestly, I don’t mind students sleeping during my lectures, or walk out from the lecture room for no reasons. Some students are worse, signing attendance on behalf of their friends. But I seriously don’t mind.


Because I am not their primary or secondary school’s discipline teacher. They are old enough to know the consequences of skipping classes or not focusing during lectures.

Because I cannot teach them everything, I can only help them to discover new knowledge.

Because I cannot force them to learn.

Because I don’t like to scold others.

Because I prefer explaining to them that their actions are wrong.

Because I was once a student too.

Probably I am a more laid back and easy going person. I can still be strict with my students but at the same time, a really fun and loving lecturer. Because sometimes, you need to educate their hearts too.


Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all – Aristole

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