A new beginning

It’s 4am. And it is time to write. I was reading through my whatsapp messages and I stumbled upon your message that was about happiness and the search for the lost emotions. You told me, you wished to be happy again. I feel the same too.

What is the meaning of being really really happy? How can we classify our happiness? Based on a scale of 0 – 10? We go through bad or brutal situations that drain away our happiness. It happens to all of us as we grow.

Like you said, it has been 8 years and now it is time to let go. Today I need to give up all the negative things that were holding me back, and take a bold step forward. Sometimes, letting go isn’t hard, but rather learning to start over is. I just need to accept the harsh reality, press forward and be strong. When I stop doing the wrong things, I give the right things a chance to start. Now I have a greater understanding and respect for life.


The road ahead is wide open. You can be happy again too!

A broken heart can mend.

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