Where are you?


He said, “I will miss you.” But he never call or text anymore.

Unknowingly, I just fell in love. Slowly. And then all at once. You and I, we were complicated people. We think a lot and our thoughts are about everything. So we ended up making our lives more difficult than it should be.

I love how you can be so honest with me. So vulnerable. So genuine. And I love your every single flaw. You know my super big dreams, and you supported me throughout difficult times. At the same time, I challenged you because I loved you. I wanted the best for you.

We became very good friends, but our minds were another story. I begin to wonder if we are just friends or more. They said, when he is the right man for you, you’ll never have to wonder where you stand. Because he will make it very clear, no matter where he is or what he is doing, your place is always right by his side.

Soon, things started to turn, we were both confused. I tried to make it work, but I can’t. Without his help. No matter how hard I try, how many tears rolled down my cheeks, you are not willing to stand up and fight to save our relationship. I wanted it so badly that I thought there was a solution to our differences. But there wasn’t. If one of us stops fighting, all is lost.

You said you weren’t ready. That was the hardest thing to accept. And you left.

I fell in love whenever we are together and fell deeper in love in the days when we are apart. I was hoping that you will come back to me. I thought I would grow old with you. But reality starts to hit, when you no longer seem to care. No longer call or text anymore.

There is nothing else I can do except to walk away. Sometimes, when it is finally over, what hurts you the most is not the fact that it is actually over, but rather it is that feeling that you somehow knew he wasn’t the right man for you, and you still choose to spend your time with him anyway. Falling in love with someone could actually cost you everything. My heart is broken. You made me so desperate and out of control that I had to transform my life, and I did.


When you choose to walk away, don’t blame yourself. Don’t question your worth. You did everything to hold on. But there is nothing to hold onto….your only option was to let go.

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