Good friends


Having good friends, good books, good movies, being extremely blur: this is my ideal life.

Good friends are friends who know a lot about you and still loves you for who you are. I have that friend whom I don’t really talk to everyday. But we have got each other’s back at all times. No awkward moments, we can basically laugh at everything. Most of the time, she will be teasing or laughing at me. We just made sense.

And honestly? We still made sense. You are one of the few people who really get me. Who knows my schedules too much. That you know what I will be doing when I don’t answer calls or don’t reply texts immediately. Who reminds me about every single thing because I tend to forget or can sometimes be that blur. And your fav question: How can such a blur person survive in such a complicated world?! Oh well. I just managed to. HAHA

I always love you, my bittersweet best friend!

If you have good friends, you have good life.

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