Standard Chartered Marathon

So my fav thing to do when I’m stressed out will always be running. I did not enjoy running until I was very depressed in 2008, and I discovered running actually helps clearing my mind. It is not because I wanted to run away from problems, but because running helps me to think better. I’ve been regularly running since then.

Physical activities helps your brain to produce endorphins – chemicals in the brain that acts as a natural painkiller and reduces stress. Running also improves your body strength. Strong body = strong mind. A good run sometimes makes you feel like a brand new person.

Running taught me about life. Just like when you registered yourself for a marathon, you will have an exciting event to look forward to. Yes, you may feel a little anxious if you could actually reach the finishing line. As you begin to run, you just have to trust yourself that you can do this and put away all fears. After running for some time, you may begin to feel some soreness and you feel like stopping. And you begin to wonder how far did you just ran or how far are you from the finishing line. But you just have to keep going and push your limits. As you make it across the finish line, the emotions you feel at that time will be incredible.

It is amazing how pain leads to strength.

I endure.

I overcome.

And I own the finish line.

I hope you will also find a way to manage your stress.


If you just want to run, a km is enough. If you want to change your life, run a marathon then.

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