How to stay motivated at work

I am excited to work almost everyday. So here am I, giving you tips on how to stay motivated at work!

Positivity. You really need that. I know it is hard to stay motivated. Perhaps you are bored or tired. Or you lose interest in whatever you are doing.

1. Never be afraid of failure. If fail, then fail la. Try again lor. 


2. Focus on the your work, not counting your time. I guess I have the passion la.


3. Eat breakfast like a king, before starting work. Most of the time I don’t, but now I’ll try la.


4. Create a to do list. Mines is like infinity to do list. Adui. 


5. Take care of yourself physically too. Lets be honest. I run because I don’t wanna look bulat.



6. DAYDREAM like me! Or maybe a joker. haha


You just need to be more positive like me. You only live once, so live it to the fullest. 🙂


Happy people shine brighter. 


One thought on “How to stay motivated at work

  1. I did not read all your articles but read few lines. Its more like you want people to develop their skill. you want to teach people something. I like that. are you still a student?


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