P.S. I Love You

I was bored tonight, and I decided to watch this movie. I read the book so many years ago, but movie was good too. Still makes you cry!


My darling Holly,
I don’t know where you are or when exactly you are reading this. I just hope that my letter has found you safe and healthy. You whispered to me not long ago that you couldn’t go on alone. You can, Holly.
You are strong and brave and you can get through this. We shared some beautiful times together and you made my life… you made my life. I have no regrets.
But I’m just a chapter in your life- there will be many more. Remember our wonderful memories, but please don’t be afraid to make some more.
Thank you for doing me the honour of being my wife. For everything, I am eternally grateful.
Whenever you need me, know that I am with you.
Love for ever,
Your husband and best friend,

Too touching. I need to sleep. Good night. 😥

“Sometimes there is only one thing left to say, P.S. I Love You….”

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