Life Is Precious.

I miss your jokes. I miss the way you held my hands. I miss the way you smiled back at me as I cracked some bad jokes. I miss the way you loved me in your own ways. Because of you, I look so fondly at every father that passes me by. As if, somehow, I was staring into your eyes again.

Time with you was never enough. I found myself not looking at all the pictures and videos that we took together. I miss you. I wish you were the one who walks me down the aisle, that you could have watched me marry the man that I love and seeing your grandchildren running around the house.

Today, you reminded me to lead the life the way you did. To never give up, to fight on, to never fear and always always be kind to others.

Today, I find myself missing you.

To those who are reading: Treasure the moments with your loved ones everyday. Take the time to capture moments and create memories. Yes, there would always be a “tomorrow”. It may not mean so much to you now, but it means a lot when pictures and videos are all you have left.


Love when you can, while you can, as much as you can.

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