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Texting her in the mornings.

Asking her questions.

Being thankful and impressed by all she did.

Looking forward to see her.

That’s what you used to do.

You used to think that God send her to you.

But somewhere, somehow, you begin to expect things of her.

You did things because you felt you had to, not because you wanted to.

And suddenly you stopped meeting her halfway.

You told her when and where to come.

Then cancel hours before.

Her love and presence becomes inconvenient.

You stopped answering when you wanted.

And she stumbled through confusion wondering what would be her mistakes.

She talked to you but you never listened.

Words were filling time and space but nothing was being said.

You liked her for the way she made you feel.

She made it easy for you.

The less you tried, the more effort she put in. Just to make you stay.

She build you up but all you did was to knock her down.

You stopped being what she needed and she stopped being what you wanted.

You stopped trying.

And suddenly you become strangers, afraid to make any move.

The truth was you ran out of things to say.

But she still loved you.

She’d still chose you.

The only thing harder than falling out of love is being in love and watching someone fall out of love with her. Knowing that she can’t do anything about it.

It broke her when she realized she has to choose herself now.

Because in a crowded room where she felt alone, invisible and empty, giving all her pieces to make you whole, she caught the eye of a stranger.

He asked if she was seeing anyone. And the truth was yes. But she shook her head because she knew she couldn’t hold onto something that isn’t there anymore.

And that goodbye got replaced with a new hello.

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