14th June 2017 – Surgery Day

I have this weird pain on my abdomen for 5 days and I thought the pain was just a normal menstrual pain. So I kinda ignored the pain and still goes to church and work. Yesterday, walking seems to be more and more difficult. I can barely walk far or drive too. The aching pain on my right abdomen is becoming significant to the extend that I can’t ignore it anymore.

But I thank God for sending someone to remind me of Dr Basel and even helped me to call him on my behalf. So here I am, writing this post in KPJ Specialist Hospital while waiting for Dr Basel to cut me open. Even though my surgery is just a minor one, I’m scared. I don’t know how my dad actually stayed so calm before and after his major surgery. I am trying to stay calm, like really calm for mom. I can tell that mom is super worried, all my relatives are here to support her. Thank you everybody for your prayers and support. Thank you for all those lovely gifts and texts! Wish me luck!

And to that someone:

Thank you for reminding me of Dr Basel. Thank you for helping me to contact him too. And most of all, thank you for distracting me when I’m feeling scared and nervous. Thank you for everything. 

All is well.



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