“What’s wrong with postponing the celebration?”

After all of our conversations, I became more and more disappointed with your words. What is exactly “keeping your word” means to you? To me, words hold immense power and emotion for us. Words can win the hearts and minds of people to a cause, or send somebody crashing to the depths of despair.

You always asked me if I am ready for marriage and that you are really ready for a commitment. You should probably ask yourself if you are seriously ready for marriage. Now that you tell me you want to postpone the marriage because there are lots of issues we haven’t sorted out. So what do you mean by you are ready for marriage but wants to postpone the celebration? Are you seriously ready for a marriage? Haih.

When you tell someone that you will want to get marry soon, it’s a big promise. A promise that is so easily thrown around. A promise that means a lot to someone.  So what made you say that you want to marry me? Whatever it was that made you feel the need to say it, just know that you didn’t have to. Any girl who is in this situation will tell you they would’ve rather you didn’t say it in the first place instead of giving them false hope. Because that is what this is, you have given me false hope. And the problem with giving someone false hope is that you will never know when is their last hope.

You know it is better to stay silent sometimes than creating a storm in someone’s soul. I know that you are just a human being. You have a heart, you have a mind.. But so do others. Do not say something that you don’t mean it. Do not promise the moon if you can’t even catch the stars.

Just stay silent when you don’t mean your spoken words. Because outside is a spring, and it is a shame to create autumn in someone’s soul.

Image result for what are words if we dont mean it

What are words if you don’t mean them when you say them?



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