She wants to believe that love will find her. When she found the one, she wants to marry him. She wants to believe him.

But it’s hard to keep her hope alive because every time she sees the glimpse of a beginning, everything ends. She is going to have a hard time keeping her expectations high because she is just too disappointed by you. Whenever she gives love a chance, it backfires on her. She ends up being disappointed and sad again.

And when everything comes crashing down around her, she feels like a complete idiot. Because she should have seen it coming. She should have known it would end this way. She shouldn’t have gotten excited like some naive little girl.

To be honest, she still feels the pain as intensely as if she was being betrayed. She can’t even enjoy a good thing, because when a relationship is going well, she can’t trust you and your words.

Marriage is suppose to be a beautiful thing but things have became too sour. She is sick of dating or wanting to get married. She is annoyed when people brought up about weddings or marriage, or maybe she has given up on marriage.

She probably wouldn’t attend any of these celebrations for this year. She is just too broken.

Now she truly believe that one is enough. Though it may sound like a denial, she now believes that each of us is good enough, for ourselves, to the point that being alone should not hinder us from leading a joyful life.

Because the absence of a significant one is just a situation, not a death penalty.

Enough for now.

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