I am bored.

I don’t have much to do at home. No work, no studies, and just plain resting. Maybe I should start counting ants again.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you are bored at home?

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Gonna read this book and share my favorite quotes from this book. This book is rather a good book about two person who is not afraid to try to love despite challenges in their lives and the fact that first love doesn’t last.

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Image result for eleanor and park quotes

Image result for eleanor and park quotes

Image result for eleanor and park quotes

You are my favourite person of all time.

For the love of…PIZZA


The year of 2016 is going to end and my Instagram is full of engagement photos. It’s great that friends are getting hitched and people are in love.

Because I have too many weddings to attend, I need to eat so clean like, real clean to shed some weight. Just to look perfect in the dress. But soon, I’m so going to eat pizza like it’s a party!

I’m so so in love with pizzas!





Sitting right beside you, counting every independent unassisted movement.

Sitting right beside you, thinking how much I used to dislike you.

Sitting right beside you, realizing that you are a new person.

Sitting right beside you, I am your physiotherapist and friend.

I knew you were the most determined, the most hardworking patient, but nothing could ever prepare me for what was about to happen.

I thought the best gift I can give to anyone in this world – time. Something that money can’t buy.

I thought, I truly thought I did enough.

I was wrong.

I never knew this would happen.

Truth is, we can never be prepared. Nothing is enough. Enough to save a life.

I think I lost a patient. A friend.

Just so you know, I would give anything to listen to you talk on and on and on again.


It’s funny how things can change so suddenly.