Don’t give up on your passion.

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No matter where you are now or what problems you are facing, I hope you didn’t give up. The journey to your dream isn’t gonna be smooth. Sometimes you are gonna encounter a detour and you will be confused. Sometimes you are going to be lost and discouraged.

But obstacles and rocks are part of one’s journey. No one is exempted from feeling the pain. Life may get ugly sometimes – but that’s okay.

What’s important is how you pick yourself up after a fall, how you become a better person after making mistakes. I hope you don’t get tired and quit now. I hope you can see how much you have conquered and I hope you realize to see how lucky you are.

I pray that you won’t let go of your passion because of one failure. Be the person who is excited about everything. Forget about what people think about you. Laugh as loud as you want. Talk as much as you want. Show the world how big is your heart.

I hope you don’t get scared to become who you want to become. I hope you own your dreams and be proud of them. Don’t be afraid of taking chances because not every decision in life is safe. Sometimes you have to risk it.

I hope you do what you are passionate about. Because the best feeling in the world is being successful in doing what you love.

Stay with your passion and don’t give up.

What am I feeling?

Wokah. Seriously, I don’t know what am I feeling.

Your eyes… I look into your eyes and I am confused. HAHA

Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for bringing a sick person out for a movie just because she wants to get some fresh air. Thank you for making me feel comfortable when I’m with you.

Guess we wouldn’t meet each other anymore after this weekend. It was nice knowing you. It was nice knowing someone who share so many common interests. 🙂

1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, 7 Seas, and I had the privilege to meet you.